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How can I keep my home secure without expensive alarm systems?

Answered by TrustATrader

Keeping our home and family safe is important to everyone, but usually, we don’t take action until something happens. Being proactive and taking steps to protect our families and our homes is crucial.

Whether or not you have a home security system installed, making good use of lighting and basic timers can help to protect your home and your family. Burglars like to work in the dark so make sure your home is one they will want to pass up by installing outside motion detectors that will turn lights on when motion is detected.

Use qualified electricians to get the installation set-up quickly and efficiently. These same outside lights can be used to prevent spills and falls as they will come on when they sense your motion in the dark as well. Keep entryways, driveways, and any area where there are steps well-lit and you will help to prevent dangerous falls and you will also help to prevent intruders from sneaking around in the dark unseen.

Also make sure you have secure locks in place. Make sure doors (and windows) have the necessary locks in place and cannot be picked or broken easily. A local locksmith would be able to advise you further if needed.