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Draft coming from loose brickwork?

I have a draft coming into my living room and have checked and found that the brickwork outside my living room window is loose. I'm almost certain that is what’s causing the draft and would just like it confirmed and fixed please, to eliminate the draft before winter arrives if possible?

Answered by TrustATrader

Getting structural issues such as loose bricks fixed before the winter is important due to additional heating costs and the potential for damp. Before you start work on the damaged brick, it is important to identify what the issue is, some issues may be;

  • Damaged Render - If the render is damaged, this can expose the brick, causing erosion. If water is caught behind the render, this can cause significant damp issues through out your home
  • Brick Erosion - Exposed bricks will take the brunt of the weather, this can cause significant erosion especially on older buildings. Erosion is very common and in most cases it can be harmless, however check to see the signs of erosion such as if the protective face is gone

We would recommend finding your local bricklayer, who will be able to assess the damage of the loose brick. The mortar surrounding the brick may need removing and cleaning in order to get a new brick inserted, which will block the draft.

Here at TrustATrader, we have numerous tradespeople who will be able to help with the issue. You can find your local bricklayer by following the link below:


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