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Do you have any tips on cleaning grout?

We moved into our new home and some of the grout in the bathroom is discoloured. How can we remove this?

Answered by TrustATrader

The best piece of advice that anyone can give when it comes to grout cleaning is to clean your grout as often as you can. Porous substances like grout tend to let dirt and stains work their way deeper and deeper into them over time. The deeper the dirt and stains go the harder it is to dislodge them and clean the grout. Therefore, it is important to clean your grout as often as necessary.

The best scrub brushes for grout cleaning will have bristles of medium hardness. They need to be hard enough that they can penetrate the porous grout to dislodge the dirt and grime that is deeply set in, but soft enough that they will not tear or grind away the grout. Soft bristled brushes just push dirt around on the surface and hard bristled brushes damage your grout to the point that it needs to be repaired.

You should scrub your grout lines with circular motions as you move along the lines rather than scrubbing back and forth directly on top of the line. When you use back and forth motions along the grout lines, every backward motion is a waste because all the dirt you dislodge on the forward stroke will just get pushed back into the grout on your back stroke. With circular motions, you are pushing the dislodged dirt out to the side.

Industrial strength grout cleaning machines have powerful scrubbers that will be able to help as well as the power of steam. Hot steam will soften and loosen dirt and stains before the scrubbing and it will also kill bacteria. If the problem is really bad, you can look to hire professional cleaners, they will also have access to industrial strength cleaners that you cannot buy over the counter.