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Do I need to use an adhesive for the sub layer when I am nailing the flooring down?

I am nailing down hardwood on the 2nd floor. I plan to use a cork under layment as a base. I have two questions to ask: 1) Do I need to use an adhesive to adhere the cork to the sub floor since I am nailing the flooring? 2) Do I need an additional vapor barrier ie plastic or asphalt felt? If so, could I just glue down the barrier and then glue the cork on top of it?

Answered by TrustATrader

1) We would recommend using an adhesive for the cork but only to tack it, your nails should secure the rest. It will make the removal of the flooring alot easier if you decide to change around your home or re-decorate in a different style.

2) On the second story, a vapour barrier isn't necessarily a requirement, as you are not really drawing any dampness or moisture unless the first floor is unfinished.

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