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Can I plasterboard over Artex Ceiling?

Can i plaster over an Artex Ceiling directly or do I need to plasterboard the ceiling first?

Answered by TrustATrader

Artex is outdated and removing it can be difficult. It was up until the mid-1980s that Artex coating contained asbestos to help strengthen it. The good news is if the coating/Artex is in good condition then it is safe to apply a sealant, skim over it with a new layer of plaster or cover the coating with new plasterboard.

You can plasterboard over the ceiling as it it as long as you locate joists accurately and screw the plasterboards to the joists. You could also use 2" x 1" timber batons which again would be screwed to the joists and then affix the new plasterboard to the timber.

Another option is to plaster directly over the Artex. Plastering over the Artex is much harder than plastering over a flat surface, which you could use a bond to help the plaster stick, then skim the ceiling accordingly.

This is not an easy job, and with fixing plasterboard to the ceiling, not a job for one person. Find local plasterers today for an accurate quote and professional finish