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Your Bundle Of Joy: Practical Nursery Tips

Your Bundle Of Joy: Practical Nursery Tips

Is your family growing? If you are expecting a new addition to the family, you are probably starting to think about a nursery. As soon-to-be parents, you have probably already discovered, or are soon to discover, the limitless choices and “useful” advice that is ready to come your way, whether you want it or not.

The nursery is a chance to have a little fun and indulge your creative side, and your bundle of joy. However, it does also have to be practical. We set aside the “fun” bits for a moment to talk about the things you need to make your nursery function.

Black Out Blinds

No matter how rigid or flexible you are planning on being with your baby’s routine, black out blinds are a life saver. You may never have heard of the circadian rhythm, but once your baby arrives, it may well end up being one of your specialist subjects. The circadian rhythm, or body clock, tells your baby (and you, for that matter) when to be asleep and when to be awake. Darkened rooms help to promote sleep, while light stimulates your baby (and you!) and can make them feel more alert. You don’t have to splash out on black out blinds – you can buy them relatively cheaply in most home stores. Of course, you can indulge yourself and buy more expensive ones from a baby boutique, but the most important thing is that they fit properly to completely block out the light.


You wouldn’t think that something so small needs so much… stuff. But they do. What’s more, there will be times when you need to hold your baby with one hand while reaching for something (nappy, clothes, wet wipes) with the other, so organisation and accessibility are crucial. You can invest in all-singing and all-dancing baby units, which are specially designed to hold what you need. However, deep box shelves or low shelves with small baskets of items logically organised can be just as effective, at a fraction of the price. Remember to have storage at a height that is easily accessible to you. ALWAYS keep medicines out of reach of children; while you are at it, keep all creams out of their reach - it's amazing how far a jar of nappy cream can go in the hands of a toddler.


Your nursery furniture is really down to choice. The two most important items are the cot and a chair for parents and carers to sit in to settle the baby, feed them, read a story etc. These are serious, long-term investments; you may end up spending a lot of time in that chair, so make sure it is comfortable! Some babies stay in their cots until they are two or even three years old and cot beds, which transform from a cot to a small bed, will be used for even longer, so it is worth making sure that you get a good one.

Preparing for a baby arrival can be stressful but try to enjoy the process. If you are confused about the practicalities or what you want, consult an interior designer, who can help you to make the perfect environment for your newest arrival.

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