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We Wish You A Moss-Free Christmas And A Happy New Year

We Wish You A Moss-Free Christmas And A Happy New Year

The tree is up, the potatoes are peeled and the turkey is oven ready, but is your roof ready for Santa and his reindeer? At this time of year it is very likely that you haven’t spared a glance at your roof, but when you get a chance over the festive period, it is worth taking a look and assessing your moss situation.

Excess moss can interfere with your roof’s drainage and absorb water which, in very cold weather, is at risk of freezing and damaging your roof tiles. There are a few options available to you to get rid of excess dirt and moss; in this series, we talk through the basics.

Why You Should Remove Moss And Debris

Removing the moss from your roof isn’t just about Santa’s health and safety, it can help you to protect your investment, too.

Roof tiles are designed to be porous, not so they let water in, but so they let it out; if your home was an airtight, sealed unit, condensation would be a serious problem. If you allow dirt, debris and moss to build up on your roof, it acts a bit like a sponge, holding moisture against the porous tiles. If your tiles become saturated and the temperature reaches freezing, you are at risk of the water in the tiles freezing and expanding, which could crack your tiles beyond repair, which will lead to increased risk of leaks.

Keeping your roof clear isn’t just about cosmetics, it can help to make your home more saleable too, as a clean, well-maintained property has much more appeal to potential buyers than something that looks run-down.

Removing Moss

It is possible for you to remove moss from your roof yourself, with or without moss removal products. If you want to avoid using products, you can use a pressure washer fitted with a dirt blaster. This effectively strips away moss and even the most stubborn grime. If your roof is old or crumbling, don’t be tempted to use a pressure washer as you will cause further damage.

If you don’t have a pressure washer yourself, don’t panic; a good local handyman will be able to do the job for you for a relatively low cost.

There are moss removal products that can be used to kill moss. Generally, you clean the roof before spraying the product according to the instructions; waiting times vary, but once you have waited the specified time, you need to wash the roof again to rinse off the moss killer. Remember that you are dealing with chemicals and always wear appropriate protective clothing; if you are in doubt, consult a professional roofer or moss removal specialist.

With a little help, you can ensure that your roof is moss free into next year and beyond. For more tips, follow Trust A Trader on Facebook or Twitter.

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