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Troubleshooting: Boiler Issues and How to Fix Them: Part One

Troubleshooting: Boiler Issues and How to Fix Them: Part One

With the continued colder weather, a broken boiler is the last thing that many of us need. However, increased usage will inevitably lead to more people experiencing problems with their boilers. Similarly, increased demand means that it could be difficult to get a certified plumber out to you as soon as possible.

It is always advisable that you consult a qualified plumber to diagnose and fix boiler problems. However, in the short term, we look at how you can identify the cause of your boiler problems, and what you can do.

Problem 1: Radiators not Heating

If you switch your central heating on, you may notice that the radiators aren’t heating up properly. Feel the top and bottom of the radiators; if the top is cold and the bottom warm, it may be that the radiator has filled with air.

Quick fix: If your radiator is full of air, it cannot fill up with hot water. This is easily fixed. Using your radiator, bleed your system. This will release the trapped air from the radiator.

Call a plumber if your radiators still don’t heat up. The problem might not be air, but a build-up of rust and grime. If this is the case, you may need to have your system flushed.

Problem 2: Pilot Light Goes Out

The most common cause for a pilot light repeatedly going out is a damaged or faulty thermocouple.

Call a plumber. If your pilot is going out, consult a professional for assistance.

Problem 3: Faulty Thermostat

If you notice that your heating and hot water are not working properly, it could be down to a faulty thermostat. If your boiler is more than a few years old, your thermostat may have deteriorated; if this is the case it will need fixing or replacing.

Call a plumber. There are no quick fixes when it comes to a faulty thermostat, call a boiler specialist who will be able to quote for repair or replacement of your thermostat.

If your boiler is not working, it may be that there are simple things you can do, safely and effectively, to fix them. However, if you are in doubt, consult a local gas-certified plumber. Your plumber will be able to repair or replace damaged components without putting you, or your home, at risk.


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