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Top Tips For Cutting Bills

Top Tips For Cutting Bills

As the nation braces for a rise in energy bills, all eyes are on the meters. It may feel as though you have already done everything you can think of to reduce energy use, but here are a few tips that you may not know (or that you could do with reminding of).

Keep an eye out for energy-suckers

Most of us are aware of the shocking fact that some appliances traditionally use up 75% as much energy when on standby as when they are switched on. Although advances in technology mean that this isn’t such a big issue, as long as there is a light blinking somewhere, an appliance is using energy. Where you can, switch off computers, monitors, televisions and games consoles; anything on standby, to save a little energy.

Invest in power strips

We have all been there. With the best intentions, we go around the house switching everything off at the plug, only to realise that there are several extension strips with multiple things plugged in, one of which (usually the WiFi router or alarm clock) needs to remain on. You may unplug everything except the router the first time around, but more often than not, everything will be left plugged in. A smart power strip will not only allow you to switch off the other items easily, leaving one thing on, without spending five minutes detangling wires, but you can programme it to do so automatically.

Double up on washing and drying

Try to minimise use of your washing machine and tumble dryer by saving up and doing one big load instead of multiple loads. The savings may be small, but they all add up.

Cold wash

Did you know that with modern technology and a good quality laundry detergent you don’t need to wash on hot? Turning down your water temperature on your laundry is a quick and easy way to save energy without even noticing.

Dry al fresco

While drying washing outside may not be possible during the winter months, spring brings the perfect opportunity to get drying outside. If you don’t have much outdoor space or you don’t have a washing line, there are lots of great drying solutions from pop-up rotary dryers to door-hanging ones. Every item you dry naturally will save you a few pence!


So, switching off a light every time you leave a room is a no-brainer but investing in CFL or LED spotlights can result in an 80% energy saving. They can be expensive, but are worth the investment.

Raise your fridge temperature

Turning the thermostat down a degree or two is a no-brainer, but not many people consider the impact of turning their fridge temperature up. Just a couple of degrees can save a little bit of energy.

If your energy consumption is high without a clear reason, it could be worth contacting a local electrician for a “health check” of your home appliances and electrics.

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