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Top Money Saving Tips For Bathroom Transformations

Top Money Saving Tips For Bathroom Transformations

They say that bathrooms sell houses yet often they are forgotten in home improvement projects. If you have decided to take the plunge and upgrade your bathroom, you may be surprised at how much it actually costs. Speak to a professional bathroom fitter or tiler to get the job done properly; a quick fix could cost more money in the longer term. Follow our top tips to save you money and still make sure that you have a professional job.

Get first-hand experience

In a time when we are all relying more and more on online interactions, from job interviews to clothes shopping, the thought of actually going into a shop or showroom to see things is a little alien. However, when it comes to investing in your home, it is a good idea to see what you can before you buy it.

For tiles, lino, wallpaper, fabrics and paint, the best thing you can do is see how it looks in your own home as lighting plays a big part. Order samples online or pop into a store and grab as many samples as you can. Many places offer free samples, but if you have to pay a couple of pounds, it may well save you a lot of money in the end.

For bathroom furniture and fittings, it really is best to visit a show room if it is at all possible; pictures can be deceptive and something that looks opulent online could actually be cheap and flimsy in real life.

Ask advice

If you can’t decide on which shower to choose, or plastic vs enamel bathtub, get advice. Aside from the price, the quality and function will vary and a good bathroom specialist will be able to give you their honest experience based on first-hand knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family; if you take a shine to their toilet, find out where it came from!

Divide the labour

There are some jobs that are definitely best left to the professionals. However, depending on how handy you are, there may be some things that you can do. When you ask for a quote, ask them to itemise the jobs and suggest bits that you could do to minimise the cost. For example, you could remove existing tiles and wallpaper, but you may not be the best person to put the new tiles up!


If you don’t have the budget to completely replace your existing bathroom, you could upgrade some elements. If your bathroom fittings are essentially fine, new tiles, a new floor and a lick of paint will be enough to make your bathroom a place of luxury and happiness!

The first place to start with your bathroom refurb is to contact at least two bathroom specialists to talk about ideas and get quotes. Start from the most expensive, extravagant designs you can think of and work your way back to find something that is practical, within budget, and looks great, too.

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