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Top Kitchen Tips to Make Christmas A Cracker

Top Kitchen Tips to Make Christmas A Cracker

Are you tired of your kitchen? Could it do with a new lease of life? Whether you have suddenly realised that your turkey won’t fit in your oven, or you are dreading the work that comes with catering during the festive season, we look at some top tips to make cooking for two or twenty-two go without a hitch.

Get gadgets - and more space

There are lots of simple gadgets and kitchen accessories that can make your life easier. You can cook small roasting joints and poultry in a slow-cooker for delicious, hassle-free cooking; investing in labour-saving accessories such as a good blender, bread maker or ice-cream maker can help you to show off your culinary skills with minimal effort. The key problem with buying lower cost yet effective gadgets is storage for the time that you don’t use them, and few people want their kitchen surfaces cluttered with seldom-used appliances.

By investing in good kitchen storage solutions, you can improve your kitchen’s functionality, allowing you to invest smaller amounts of money on your latest cooking craze, such as a sous-vide or a pasta machine. A reliable local kitchen fitter will be able to give you useful advice and innovative storage ideas to help you to make the most of your kitchen cupboards.

Choose the right oven

An oven is for life, not just for Christmas! Investing in a good oven will make all the difference for this Christmas and many years to come. Ovens, like people, have different strengths and weaknesses and what you choose really depends on your preference. Some prefer the constant heat and efficiency of an electric fan oven, whilst others prefer the instant temperature control afforded by gas.

A cooker is a long-term investment, so it is advisable that you spend a little time researching what will best suit your needs. Remember that gas and electric ovens need to be safely and professionally installed, so before you buy a new one, make sure that you have found a qualified electrician or gas plumber to install it; the only thing worse than a bad oven at Christmas is one that hasn't been installed!

A simple upgrade

If you are happy with your kitchen’s basic layout but just want to give it a new lease of life, why not consider a bit of a facelift? Local kitchen fitters and carpenters can fit new cupboards and doors without needing to replace the basic shell of the kitchen. This low-cost option adds instant wow factor to your kitchen, without too much stress on the wallet.

Whatever you love to cook, at Trust A Trader, we hope that you enjoy every moment! And remember, before you replace an appliance, or if your dishwasher breaks down over Christmas, don’t despair: call an appliance repair specialist, who may just be able to help.

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