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The Top Ten: Jobs To Get Your Home Autumn Ready – Part 1

The Top Ten: Jobs To Get Your Home Autumn Ready – Part 1

Just as we were getting acclimatised to the hot summer, autumn has hit with a vengeance. Almost overnight, the weather changed, leaves are falling, and the landscape is turning beautiful autumnal hues of red and orange. It is important that you are ready for autumn and winter; failure to prepare could result in damage to your home. Get organised and be prepared with our autumnal home maintenance to-do list.

  1. Outdoor render and painting. Top of the list is anything outdoors. If you need to finish painting or rendering the exterior of your home, make the most of any dry days and get it done before the temperatures drop too much. If you are aware of damage to your exterior, get it fixed as soon as possible as continuous rain on damaged render can lead to damp problems and further damage. Minor repairs should be fairly quick and inexpensive; speak to a trusted local builder for a quote.
  2. Repair fencing. Your fencing will take a beating in the autumn and winter (as well as the summer and spring!). Get out and make any repairs now to avoid having to replace panels entirely after the next storm. If you’re not sure who is responsible for your boundaries – you or your neighbours – check the deeds of the house or have a friendly chat with the neighbours to confirm.
  3. Mow the lawn. Seize the opportunity during any dry weather to give your lawn its final mow. Mow short – 2 inches or less – to help prevent matting or mould growth underneath. If temperatures continue to drop, you might not need to mow again until spring.
  4. Rake and tidy. Autumn is probably the messiest season! It can be challenging keeping on top of garden debris, but little and often should do the trick. Rake lawns to get rid of leaves, flowers and fallen fruit. Clean paving, give decking a scrub and weed your flower beds to give yourself a fighting chance of maintaining order next spring.
  5. Check windows. Depending on the age and condition of your windows, you might want to give them a once-over and check for perished, cracked or damaged seals. If you do spot damage, get it repaired as soon as possible; a couple of heavy showers could make the damage worse. Sometimes, it is as simple as a quick reseal; a local handyman will be able to do that quickly and easily.

Next week we’ll give you the next five jobs you need to do to get your home ready for autumn. Follow Trust A Trader on Facebook or Twitter for more useful tips and advice on keeping your home and garden in top condition and finding a trader that you can trust.

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