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Storm Safety – Be Prepared

Storm Safety – Be Prepared

When spring approaches, it's easy to imagine warmer days – but March winds and April showers may not have finished yet! The storms that sometimes strike the UK can wreak havoc on homes, roads and railways. Even if your home has escaped unscathed, the storms could have caused some invisible damage, making your home more vulnerable to the weather. Make sure your home stays secure with these simple checks.

Check Your Roof

Your roof may seem intact after the storms, but a small amount of unnoticed damage can lead to serious problems if left untended. If you have a secure ladder and feel confident, take a look at your roof yourself, to see if there are any obviously loose, damaged or missing tiles. To be 100% sure, it is worth contacting a reliable local roofer. A professional roofer will know what to look for and should be able to fix minor issues cheaply and quickly, saving you stress and money down the line.

Secure Your Guttering

Just like your roof, your guttering is susceptible to damage from storms. You may not notice it at first, but cracked or damaged guttering can cause serious damage, leading to damp, and mould. It is a good idea to check your drains too; if your drains are blocked or obscured but your guttering is working fine, you could end up with a flood. If in doubt, call a specialist, who will be able to check and, if needed, repair fascias, soffits and guttering.

Strengthen Your Fencing

Many UK homeowners woke up after a storm and noted, with relief, that their garden fences were still standing. Many, however, woke up to find their fences damaged or even blown away. If you were one of the lucky ones, don’t get too excited; hidden damage could have been done to your fencing that will make it more vulnerable to the next batch of strong winds. Check your posts are secure – look for loose joints, rotten posts and any other sign of damage. If you do notice any weaknesses, get them fixed as soon as you can; if you need help, check out the trusted fence specialists in your area.

Check Your Chimney

Your wood reserves may be low and you may not even be planning to light the fire for months, but it is still a good idea to get your chimney checked out, particularly if you haven’t had it looked at for a while. If your chimney is cracked or damaged and letting in water, the problem will only get worse over the next few months. If you have had a stormy winter, get your roofer to take a look at your chimney while he is up there checking your tiles and guttering.

Your home works hard to protect you from the elements, so make sure you do your bit, too, to prevent costly damage and leaks further down the line.


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