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Preparing For Autumn: Home Checks For Cooler Temperatures

Preparing For Autumn: Home Checks For Cooler Temperatures

As summer fades into memory, it is time to get excited about the changing seasons: warming fires, the crackle of leaves beneath your feet, and crisp mornings. It is also time to do some basic checks and maintenance on your home to ensure that you are ready for the changing temperatures.

In the garden

Mow the lawn – keep on top of your lawn on dry days so that, if a week or two of rain arrives, your lawn has already had its “winter cut”.

Clear debris – getting rid of stray leaves, fruit, twigs and other garden debris now will make it easier to manage when the serious drop begins.

Cover garden furniture – even if you are hoping to be able to enjoy a few more days and nights in the garden, it is a good idea to keep garden furniture covered up to protect it from cooler temperatures and autumnal downpours.

Check outhouses and boundaries – if you have a wobbly fence panel that has been on your to-do list all summer, now is the time to get it done, or to call in a fence specialist or handyman (or woman) to do it for you. Likewise, check that sheds, storage, and greenhouses are secure and undertake any minor repairs now to save major repair jobs later.

In the home

Get your chimney swept – if you are lucky enough to have an open fire or wood burner, it is essential that you get your chimney swept before lighting that first fire. Failure to do so poses a serious risk to your home and health and, in the event of a fire, could invalidate your insurance. Contact your local chimney sweep today.

Check the gutters – ensure your gutters are clear now so that they are better able to withstand high levels of rain as well as other autumnal debris.

Check your roof – while you are sorting the gutters out, have a quick look at your roof and see if you can spot any cracked, damaged or loose tiles, slates or guttering. A roofing or guttering specialist will be able to offer you specialist advice if you are in doubt, or you are just not happy working at height.

Have a good sort out – before you put away summer clothes, accessories and games, take a few minutes to consider whether you will need them next year. If you’re not sure, take them straight to the recycling centre or charity shop.

Sometimes, it can be hard to get everything done on time whilst juggling work, family life and social commitments. If you have too many jobs and too little time, it may be worth finding a trusted local trader to help you out. Trust A Trader’s directory is made up of vetted, trusted and reviewed traders who are committed to doing a great job, every time. If you would like to become part of our community of happy customers and trusted traders, join us on Facebook or Twitter.

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