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Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale

Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale

With property prices on the rise, you may be looking to sell, either to capitalise on a rise in value thanks to home improvements, or to stay ahead of the property market. The property market is coming to an all-time high speed, with properties selling as quickly as they are being advertised. Here’s what you need to do to prepare your home for a quick sale.

Remember, it’s not personal. It can be difficult to detach yourself emotionally from a home that has seen so many times of tears and laughter, success and challenges. However, it really helps if you can take an emotional step back. This will help other people to imagine themselves in your home; it will also help you to remember that you will be making a new home somewhere, too.

Declutter. You want prospective buyers to see your home as a potential home for them, not your home. So, while you don’t want to make the house bland, it can help to depersonalise it a little, especially if you are prone to gathering a lot of clutter and photos, or if you have particularly eclectic taste. When you are preparing your home to go on the market, have a good clear out. If you can bring yourself to throw some bits away, then by all means go for it! If not, pack your precious trinkets, photo frames and mementoes away in a box for now; when you move house, you will have another opportunity to prioritise and maybe streamline your collections a little.

Organise. You know that thing you do when guests come over, and you just shove everything in the cupboards? Well, it doesn’t work when you are trying to sell your house because house viewing is the one time when it is socially acceptable to be incredibly nosy. Try to make your cupboards as neat and tidy as possible; if people see that the basics are taken care of, they are more likely to trust that the rest of the house is in great condition, too.

Touch up the décor. You may think that repainting now is a waste of time, but if your paintwork is looking a little tired, a quick refresh will work wonders. Get in touch with your local painter and decorator for a quote; a professional paint job will go a long way to selling your home.

Get the DIY jobs done. The leaking tap/ faulty light/ missing roof tile/ wonky door that you have just tolerated for weeks, months or years may seem insignificant to you now, but they might be a red flag to prospective owners. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, call a professional electrician or plumber. If it’s nothing too serious, a good handyman will be able to clear the list in a relatively short time.

Take a step back and try to see your home from someone else’s perspective. Is it a warm, welcoming, clean blank canvas? If you notice any downsides or niggles, do what you can to fix them, or be prepared with an explanation if you are asked about it. For more guidance and advice, follow Trust A Trader on Facebook or Twitter.

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