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On The Move? Home Moving Advice For A Smooth Move

On The Move? Home Moving Advice For A Smooth Move

Moving home is frequently ranked as one of the most stressful life events, up there with grief and divorce. Just the knowledge of how stressful moving is supposed to be can add to your stress load! Don’t be daunted by the task ahead – instead focus on your new life in your beautiful new home, with our guide to moving.

Moving Home – The Costs

Moving home can often be more costly than you think, so it is worth doing a little research to avoid nasty surprises. You will need to factor in: deposit, conveyancing fees, land charges, stamp duty (if your property is worth more than £125,000) and transfer fees, on top of the costs of physically moving, which include packaging materials, van hire or removal services.

The Best Time To Move

The actual day of your house move will probably be largely out of your control; if you are in a chain, it is all down to timing and your respective solicitors will have to find a date that suits everyone. The reality is, that while you may prefer to move on a Tuesday morning, by the time you near completion of your new property and the sale of your old one, you will probably be happy to move any time. Many people try to coordinate a move on a Friday, so they have all weekend to settle in, but this means that Fridays are often the busiest time for removal companies, so they can charge extra.

Finding A Removal Company

You may want to pack for yourself and hire a van. Alternatively, you may decide to save some time and stress by hiring a removal company. Different companies offer different levels of service – some will pack up your entire home for you and relocate it, making the move seamless. Others will come and pick up your boxed-up possessions, taking the back-breaking element out of moving to a new house. Whichever you choose, it helps if you are organised.

If you decide to hire a removal company, it is a good idea to get a few quotes. Contact four or five different companies and ask about pricing for different packages: the full pack and move, and the move alone. Make sure you ask if the quote includes packing materials, or if you need to buy your own. Check that the firm is insured in case of breakages during the move, and make sure they will be free when you are ready to move. Take a look at their reviews, so you can get a good idea of the service that they offer. Finally, once you have picked a removal firm, ask for an agreement in writing – if you have any particularly high-value items, make sure they are listed in the contract, or agree to move them yourself.

By finding the right removal company, you can help to take some of the physical and mental stress out of your moving day, leaving you free to enjoy your new home!

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