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New Year's Resolutions - For Your Home

New Year's Resolutions - For Your Home

Wow, what a year it has been! Many of us have spent far more time at home than we expected this year, and it has certainly come with challenges. With high demand home office spaces, garden makeovers and extensions as well as supply issues and rising material costs, this has been a particularly challenging year for our traders, but they have risen to the challenge admirably!

As we prepare to enter a new year, give your home a little TLC with these New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Detox – your body doesn’t like junk, and nor does your home. Get ride of any clutter, rubbish, bad presents (yes, really!) that you either have no need for, or which do not bring you joy. This does, of course, mean that the children can’t throw away their school books (top marks for trying though). Be ruthless and recycle, charity shop, sell, or – as a last resort, bin everything that doesn’t bring you pleasure or purpose.
  2. Cleanse – seize the opportunity of a Christmas-decoration-free house by having a deep clean. Tired, grubby floors and upholstery are given a new lease of life and brighten up your home without having to invest in new carpets. A professional cleaner can do the job for you – if you have some budget, it could be money well spent. At the very least, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner – those stains that you now see as part of the carpet pattern will be gone in no time.
  3. Cut back – if you have a hungry, fuel-guzzling home, your fuel bills could spiral out of control with rising prices. Get some good habits going, such as adding an extra layer before you turn the heating up, or switching off all electronics when you leave a room. If you don’t have great insulation, get a quote from a local insulation specialist. If you are on benefits and own your own home, you could be entitled to a free insulation upgrade under the government’s recently extended ECO3 scheme. Check with your local supplier for more information.
  4. Pamper – your home may look a little tired at the moment, but there are plenty of very simple ways to add a new lease of life. Sand and paint tired furniture, give cushion covers a wash and add pretty throws to tatty sofas to transform a room. If you are lucky enough to have wooden floors but they have seen better days, set aside some time to strip them and revarnish them – you will be astounded by the transformation.

If the 2020s so far have taught us anything, it is to make the most of what we have and to enjoy what we can – while we can. By investing a little time and effort into your home, you can really learn to make the best of your surroundings. And at Trust A Trader, we have the traders to help you do just that. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find the right trader near you.

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