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Moss Prevention – Copper and Zinc Strips

Moss Prevention – Copper and Zinc Strips

At this time of year, damp can be a problem in even the most well-ventilated homes. Aside from the most well-known causes of damp, moss can contribute to the problem by acting as a sponge which soaks water into the structure of a building.

When it comes to maintaining the condition and value of your home, prevention is very often better than cure. And that is most certainly the case when it comes to moss growth. When placed just below the roof ridge, zinc and copper strips can prevent the growth of moss and algae. Here’s what you need to know.

How do copper and zinc strips prevent the build-up of moss?

Moss grows anywhere that is shady and has access to moisture. Grass, fences, roofs; especially if they are north-facing or shaded by trees. The use of zinc or copper strips inhibits moss growth by releasing particles of the metal onto the roof with rainwater.

Do copper and zinc strips work on thick moss?

The strips are effective at inhibiting growth, but they do not eradicate moss and algae altogether. As the strips are dependent on the run-off of rain from the roof apex downwards, the concentration of metal compounds reduces with the flow of water. As a result, zinc and copper strips may prevent moss at the top of the roof, but could be less effective in the lower parts. That’s not to say that they are not worth using; it is much easier to remove moss from the lower areas than the top ridges.

How should I install copper and zinc strips?

Zinc or copper strips are most effective when they are installed when a home is built, or a new roof is installed. If you are looking at getting your roof replaced or repaired, speak to your roofer about moss-prevention. If fitted retrospectively, it is important to make sure that all moss and algae is removed before the strips are fitted below the roof ridge.

How else can I prevent moss?

Aside from regularly removing moss and installing zinc or copper strips, you can help to reduce moss growth by removing the factors contributing to it, such as cutting back overhanging trees and branches. If you are looking for a long-term solution, you may consider investing in tile coating, which weatherproofs your tiles and prevents moss and algae growth.

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