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Laptop Running Slow? Signs your Computer Could Need Professional Help

Laptop Running Slow? Signs your Computer Could Need Professional Help

When it comes to finding reliable local traders, Trust A Trader’s directory is packed with great individuals and companies who will take care of all elements of your home and garden maintenance and renovations. But not many people know that we also list trusted, rated, and vetted PC and laptop repair services.

As we become more and more reliant on our laptops and PCs, it is easy to see them as a part of furniture and neglect them a little (or a lot). As with anything electronic or mechanical, regular servicing can prevent serious problems down the line. Aim to get your laptop or PC serviced once a year. It may seem a lot to have to go days without it, especially if you need to work but consider the alternatives: complete failure and losing everything stored on your hard drive.

Here are some signs that you should get your computer to your nearest trusted computer technician:

Going slow – is your computer taking a while to load, or the page loading time is reminiscent of the good old dial-up days? It could be that you have a lot of pages running in the background, or it could be even more simple – that your internet is having a slow day. But if your computer is consistently slow, it could be a sign that there is something more serious wrong, so it is worth taking it for a service and a good clean up.

Error codes – computers are pretty intuitive and will usually try to “tell” you when there is a problem. If you see error codes when you start up your computer, try to take a picture of them and get booked in to your local technician ASAP.

Freezing – there are few things more frustrating than your computer freezing, especially if you are in the middle of something. Aside from being frustrating, this could be a sign that something is going wrong in the background – get it checked out ASAP.

Pop up spam – as digital natives, most of us are used to seeing the odd ad here and there. But if your screen is filled with ads and pop ups to such an extent that you can’t see the screen itself, then it is very possible that you have picked up a virus or malware. The best way to prevent this is to make sure that you have appropriate antivirus and anti-malware cover, but if your computer is acting up, take it to a professional.

Battery not charging – if your battery isn’t charging properly, it could be down to poor battery condition or a faulty charger. A faulty charger is quick and relatively easy to fix. Check your charger as a priority and, if things don’t improve, head to your local technician.

There are dozens of other computer problems that could be a sign of something more serious. If you are in doubt, check out our list of computer service and repair services near you. Want more info? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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