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Keep Your Cool: Home Cooling Tips

Keep Your Cool: Home Cooling Tips

Ah, the Great British weather! One minute there are weather warnings for rain, the next, it is 28 degrees in the shade. And, because of these fluctuating temperatures, we are rarely geared up to deal with the heat, leading to a lot of grumpy, sweaty Brits complaining about the weather because “it's different when you are on holiday”. If you don’t have the time, money or inclination to get an air conditioning unit fitted, there are a few things you can do to stop your home from overheating.

Cool yourself, not your home

If you are feeling the heat, grab a cool drink and a cool flannel. Don’t place the flannel on the “hot” bits, like your head or face; instead put the cool flannel or ice block on the insides of your wrists or back of your neck. Your blood passes closest to the skin at these points and the cool pack will cool the blood as it circulates.

Black it out

Closing your curtains can really help to keep the heat at bay, but if you have a particularly hot room, especially if it is a baby’s room or a south-facing room, it may be worth investing in blackout blinds. Blackout blinds could prevent from up to 30% of heat penetrating your room, and it can help to keep the warm air in in winter, too. If you are unsure of fitting blinds yourself, your local handyman should be able to help.

Grab a fan

A hand held fan, a free standing fan, or a tower fan all have their place on a sunny day. If you can’t bear the heat out and about, a handheld fan can be a lifesaver (or feel that way at least). If you have a conventional fan, try getting a bowl of ice and place it in front of the fan’s airflow; you will be pleasantly surprised with the cooling, icy breeze that the simple trick produces.

Cotton on

For clothing and bedding, brushed cotton and some synthetic materials may be easy to care for, and relatively comfortable, but when it comes to high temperatures, nothing is as cool as pure cotton. Switch bed sheets and clothes for natural, breathable fabrics and feel your skin breathe – literally.

And... breathe

For north-facing windows, or at night time when the sun has gone down, open up your windows and let the cooler air flow through your home. By having windows open in different rooms you will encourage a pleasant breeze through your home.

Still can’t bear it? Get in touch with your local air conditioning specialist and see what they can do.

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