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How To Protect Your Home in Winter

How To Protect Your Home in Winter

The good old British Winter does like to keep us on our toes! In the last month we have seen temperatures plummet to freezing and below one day, then leap back up to 12 or thirteen degrees the next. We have had crisp, dry, wintry days and we have had record rainfall and gale force winds. It is impossible to predict what is to come, so check out our top tips for winterising your home, whatever the weather.

In The Garden

Check that everything is secure; remove old stakes and posts to prevent risk of them being blown around your garden and causing damage. If you have trampolines and garden furniture, store them securely or make sure that they are very well tethered down. Check trees for loose branches; if you have old or rotten branches, contact a gardener or tree surgeon for professional help. If a branch falls from your tree and damages someone else’s property, you could be liable. Shut off the water supply to any outdoor taps and clear hosepipes away (you won’t be needing them for a while).

On The Roof

Follow our tips for checking the exterior of your property to make sure that your roof and gutters are in good condition. Failure to check these now could result in storm damage, leaks and, in the long term, more serious damp issues.


If your home doesn’t have proper insulation, it’s not too late! Insulation can help to save you money on heating your home. Make sure that water pipes are insulated to prevent them from bursting in a frost.

Damp Prevention

As the temperatures drop, you are more likely to have the heating on. This difference in inside and outside temperature can lead to condensation. Having your heating on a lower setting, for longer, can be better for your home than putting your heating on full blast for an hour or two. Make sure vents are clear and, if you live in an old home which is double or triple glazed, you might want to invest in a small dehumidifier to prevent condensation or the build up of mould.

It’s A Wrap

Keeping warm in winter isn’t just about raising the temperature around you, it’s about preventing loss of heat from your home and from your own body! Invest in draught excluders to prevent sneaky draughts from coming into your home and wrap up warm. At the risk of sounding like your grandma: put an extra jumper on before you switch the heating on!

If winterising your home seems like a daunting task, why not write a list of jobs that you need to do and contact a handyman? Our list of reliable local handymen (and women) will help you to find someone in your area.

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