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How To Hang a Door

How To Hang a Door

Want to know how to hang a door? Follow our step by step instructions:

  1. Get your tools.
  2. Prepare the frame.
  3. Line up the door to the frame.
  4. Mark your hinges & chop them out.
  5. Trim the bottom.
  6. Fit the door.

How to hang a door: get your tools

The first task in hanging your door is to get the right tools. For a normal swinging door, you will need: a sharp pencil; a tape measure; a lump hammer; chisels (one 10mm one and one 18 or 24mm one); cordless drill; wood drill bits; screwdriver bits; a plane; a saddle and block ( to hold the door firm while you are preparing the hinge). Oh, and a door.

How to hang a door: prepare your frame

First you need to decide which way around your door will go. If it is a panelled door, the longer panels should go at the bottom and the shorter ones at the top. Doors usually open into a room, and use the light switch as a clue: you don’t want the light switch to be covered by the door as it opens. Once you have worked out which way to hang your door, you are ready to proceed.

How to hang a door: line up the door and frame

Assuming your door frame is level, give it a once-over to check there is nothing obstructing the frame, particularly on the side where your hinges will go. If you are using a hollow door, check your door for writing on the top edge, to find out where the lock block is (this is a solid block in the door that enables you to fix a lock and handle). Then place your door in the frame, with the lock block on the opposite side to the hinges (where the handle will be). Use a spacer, wedge or piece of card to wedge your door at the bottom, leaving a 3mm gap.

How to hang a door: mark your hinges and cut them out

If you are hanging a new door in a new frame, you will need to mark both door and frame for hinges. Measure 150mm down from the top and 230mm up from the bottom to show the upper edge of the top hinge and lower edge of the bottom. If you have three hinges, mark a pair of lines to show the placement of the middle hinge.

For new doors and frames: carefully screw the hinges to the door and hang the door in the frame (this is temporary). Draw around the hinges in both frame and door with a Stanley knife. Unscrew the hinges again and, using your chisels, you want to cut away the wood in those area, so your hinges fit snugly within the wood, enabling your door to close properly.

How to hang a door: trim the bottom

Use your plane (or a circular saw, if you need to remove a lot) to pare down the bottom of the door so that it opens easily over the carpet. Sand off any uneven edges and pencil lines.

How to hang a door: fit the door!

Screw the hinges into the gaps you made in the door, making sure they are securely fitted. Then lift your door into the frame and screw one screw on each hinge. Carefully test the door: if it works perfectly, screw in the remaining screws. If it needs a little tweaking with regard to position, hinge depth, or distance from the floor, simply unscrew the temporary screws and make minor adjustments until you are happy.

Like any DIY project, learning how to fix a door can seem daunting at first, but the more you try it, the easier it will become!


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