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How To: Find A Local Tree Surgeon

How To: Find A Local Tree Surgeon

Whether you have a tree in your garden, or you are looking for a plentiful supply of logs, it is always good to know of a local tree surgeon. It is possible that you have never needed a tree surgeon before, but if you are lucky enough to have trees, the chances are that you will need one at some point and, when you do, it will be urgent.

If your tree overhangs a neighbour’s property, it is your responsibility. This means that you are responsible for fallen branches, unruly roots and any associated damage that an old, rotting or overgrown tree may cause. Tree surgeons are involved in tree planting and maintenance and can assess the health of a tree and advise whether it poses a risk to you, the public, or any property. They will be able to control disease and remove any weak, rotten or potentially dangerous branches.

A Specialist Skill

Tree surgery isn’t for the faint-hearted. It requires skill and experience to ensure that each tree is treated with the respect it deserves and, if necessary, brought down without causing damage to your (or your neighbour’s) property. Before you employ a tree surgeon, make sure that they possess the following certificates: CS30 (chainsaw maintenance, on-site preparation and cross-cutting); CS31 (fell and process small trees); CS38 (tree climbing and aerial rescue); CS39 (using a chainsaw with rope and harness); first aid. These qualifications are basic and if the person you are talking to doesn’t have them, it is worth looking elsewhere.

While there are a range of higher level qualifications in tree surgery and arboriculture, within this industry, as with many skilled trades, nothing beats experience. The best way to find a tree surgeon that you know you can trust is through local recommendations; ask around and read first-hand reviews to make sure that they know what they are doing.

Make It Work For You

Losing a tree doesn’t have to be all bad; if you have a log burner, you could ask your tree surgeon for a quote to chop the wood up small enough for you to burn. Depending on the type of wood, you will need to season it for one or two years before using; wet wood that still contains sap burns inefficiently and can clog up your chimney, leading to a chimney fire.

If you are looking for a reliable, reviewed tree surgeon in your area, take a look at our directory and choose a specialist that you know you can trust.

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