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How To Create A Low-Maintenance Front Garden

How To Create A Low-Maintenance Front Garden

Front gardens are a funny thing. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you are unlikely to want to use your front garden for relaxing, socialising, or as a play area for children. And yet they are such an important part of your home.

Never mind the fact that your front garden is the first thing that others see when they approach your home, they are the first thing that you see too. So, if you are fed up with scurrying through your front garden, trying not to look at the overgrown grass, dead plants and thriving weeds, follow our simple steps to creating a sleek yet low-maintenance garden.

Bring in the Gravel

People love or hate gravel but the fact is, when it comes to the lowest of low maintenance, gravel is your best friend. Start by laying a good membrane to prevent weeds growing through, and simply pour on your gravel. There are countless choices of gravel, so you can choose a colour and style that you like. A word to the wise: don’t choose cute, small stones as cats will love them as much as you do, and you don’t want to turn your front garden into a giant litter tray! If you don’t have a natural path, lay attractive slab stepping stones from the entrance to your front door.

Invest in a Gate

Garden gates seem to be very underrated, and you can certainly do without one. However, if you live near a road, you may prefer to have a gate to stop unwanted guests (dogs and children, mainly!) from sniffing around your garden. Few things signify neglect more than a damaged or broken gate. If your gate is rotten, rusted or hanging off its hinges, it’s time to replace it, fix it, or bin it!

Pots and Baskets

The unsung heroes of awkward gardening spaces, pots and hanging baskets can instantly uplift even the saddest looking garden. Choose hardy flowers that will add a splash of colour. Use a mixture of bulbs and perennials for year-round lushness. Ornamental grasses, the Santa Barbara Daisy and lavenders are all low-maintenance and are great in pots. Just remember to dead-head them when needed, to keep your garden from looking neglected.

Revamping your front garden can be relatively inexpensive and can transform the exterior of your home. The small touches and flourishing pots, combined with the absence of weeds, overgrown grass and general debris will make coming home a much more pleasurable experience. If you want help transforming your garden quickly and easily, get in touch with a local gardener for a free quote.

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