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House Clearance Tips

House Clearance Tips

If clutter is getting you down, or you have experienced a life event that has resulted in you needing to get rid of furniture, ornaments and mementos that have been amassed over a lifetime, it may be worth securing the services of a house clearance specialist.

House clearance firms are most often called in to take on large, more daunting clearance projects. However, they can be very useful for clearing specific rooms, or for getting rid of larger items of furniture.

How to plan a house clearance

Often the need for a house clearance arises as the result of a major, often distressing, event such as a bereavement, divorce, or loss of the home for whatever reason. It can, therefore, be helpful to be able to leave the process to a professional so that you can focus on yourself and your loved ones.

Before you book a house clearance service, take a good look around and start making a list of what will be going, and what you (or someone else) will keep. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself plenty of time as this can be an emotional process.

Keep, chuck, sell, give away

Once you know what is staying and what is going, you need to decide whether the “go” pile will be thrown away, given away, or sold. "Give away" items can them become the responsibility of the beneficiary, which leaves you with the throw and sell piles to deal with.

DIY house clearances

You may decide to hold your own “house clearance” sale where the property is opened up to the public. This can be very effective, but you will inevitably end up with a few bits that you still need to get rid of. It is important that you think about the practicalities, such as hiring a suitable vehicle if needed, and restrictions on items at your local recycling centre.

Professional house clearance

If the thought of clearing the house is too daunting, then you can get a professional company in to do it for you. There are different types of house clearance services. Most companies will pack and load everything for you and dispose of it appropriately. Some will clear your entire property for an up-front cost, while others may offer to sell items on your behalf. Some charities even offer a house clearance service, with them clearing a property and, in return, they sell items and keep the proceeds.

Choosing a house clearance company

If you are unsure of the value of goods held within a property, it is very important that you use a house clearance service or valuation specialist that you trust. A distressing time will become much more so if you realise that someone made money by selling your goods.

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