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Home Maintenance Tips To Prevent Storm Damage

Home Maintenance Tips To Prevent Storm Damage

Another storm? Really? Apparently so. Last week, we looked at what storm damage you may be able to claim on your insurance. Whether to claim on insurance or not is a tricky question; if you claim, your premiums will probably go up, so you need to make sure that you won’t be paying more money in the long run.

One thing is fairly certain: if damage caused by a storm could have been prevented with better home maintenance, your insurer is unlikely to pay out. Here are a few simple things that you can do to protect your already storm-battered property as the weather rolls in.

Clear Gutters

An autumn basic, but the high winds could have caused all kinds of debris to blow into your gutters, not to mention moss from your roof. Add torrential rain (or hail) to already blocked gutters and you have a potential leak or damp problem. Between storms, seize the moment to nip out and check your gutters. Look for blockages as well as any potential damage. If you aren’t happy doing it yourself, or if you notice damaged or missing guttering, ask a reliable local handyman or gutter specialist to take a look.

Check your tiles

While you’re up there, take a glance over your roof. Keep an eye out for broken, slipped or missing tiles; if your roof is damaged during a storm and you haven’t maintained it properly, the damage probably won’t be covered by insurance. If in doubt – consult a roofer.

Secure furniture

If your trampoline, barbecue, sun loungers or garden table haven’t blown away yet, then you are lucky! However, all it takes is one (un)lucky gust of wind and you could see your trampoline sailing into the neighbour’s garden – and you will be liable for the damage. Make sure that furniture is tethered down or safely stored to prevent damage. If it is already tethered, check that they are still secure after the recent batterings.

Check trees, fences and large shrubs

If the recent storms have added a little extra wobble to your fences, check and secure them as much as possible to stop them from posing a risk to you and your neighbours. Check trees for loose branches and get them sorted before the wind rips them off – and through your, or a neighbour’s roof. If you are worried about the health or condition of a tree, call a local tree surgeon for advice.

If damage is caused by the storms, you may be insured – take a look at our blog, and get in touch with your insurer to find out more.

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