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Home Insulation – Save Money, And The Earth

Home Insulation – Save Money, And The Earth

As winter approaches, many homeowners have their eye on their energy bills, watching those £££s slowly creeping up. The best way to save on heating is to reduce the amount of heat that you lose. Insulation costs money but in many cases, it’s something you can’t afford not to have. Not only will it save you money, but it will help to keep your home cosy on even the coldest days. We look at the types of insulation available, how much money they will save, and how much they cost.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Unbelievably, up to a third of your home’s heat is lost through your walls. If you have cavity walls, insulating them could save you £115 on heating bills. What’s more, it will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions hugely too – so it’s good for the environment as well. You may be able to get subsidised cavity wall insulation but, if not, the average cost is about £500 – money you will recoup in just five years.

Loft Insulation

With up to 25% of your home’s heating leaving through the loft, loft insulation is worth considering. The process literally wraps your home in a blanket, stopping rising heat from leaving the house. Even if your loft is already insulated, you may be able to top it up for maximum benefits. This could save you over £100 a year in heating bills, not to mention reducing your CO2 emissions by more than 600kg. Properly installed, modern loft insulation will last for around forty years and costs about £400 unsubsidised.

Tank and Pipe Insulation

Tank and pipe insulation are a great way to save on bills and can prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter, too. Insulating your water pipes and tank could save up to £50 a year on your gas bill. What’s more, if everyone in the UK insulated their hot water tank with insulation of the recommended 80mm thickness, we would save enough carbon dioxide every year to fill over five MILLION double decker buses! The best bit? A British Standard jacket costs from £15 and can be easily fitted by you. Pipe insulation costs from £10 – you may be able to fit it yourself, or you may need a specialist to reach less accessible areas.

Contrary to popular belief, insulation doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, by making sure your home is properly insulated, you could help save the earth (literally). With financial savings too, getting your home insulated is a no-brainer.

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