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Home Improvements To Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Home Improvements To Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Previously we have looked at factors you need to consider to find the best value home insurance. However, there are some simple things you can do to lower your existing premium. The amount you pay for your insurance takes in a number of factors, including the potential cost to the insurer, and the security of your home. So, it makes sense that the more secure your home, the more you can reduce your insurance premium.

Install Smoke Alarms

Fire alarms are a no-brainer: they could save your life. However, lots of insurance providers ask if you have smoke alarms fitted in your home – if you can honestly answer “yes”, this will reduce your insurance.

Install Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms work as a deterrent as well as raising the alarm if you do have any unwanted visitors. Some insurers offer a discount for homes fitted with burglar alarms. They help you to feel more secure, too. Check out our directory of trusted burglar alarm fitters.

Check Your Locks

If you are the victim of a burglary, your insurance could be invalid if your home was not secured at the time. Make sure that your door and window locks function to keep your home secure. If you are in doubt, contact a local locksmith for advice.

Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your pipes won’t necessarily result in lower insurance premiums, but it can protect your pipes from bursting. This will prevent an insurance claim as the result of flooding which will, in turn, save you excess fees, save your no claims bonus and prevent your premium from rising as the result of a claim.

Play It Safe

Most insurers will charge extra to insure high-value items. By keeping these items in a safe, you can significantly reduce the insurance premium.

Secure Your Garden

Home and contents insurance doesn’t just cover your house, it includes your garden, too. You can reduce your premium by removing tall trees, as they increase the risk of subsidence. If you store tools and garden equipment, bikes or toys in an outside shed, make sure the shed is securely locked; if anything is stolen from your garden and it wasn’t securely locked away, your insurance claim could be rejected.

Ask A Professional

DIY is a great way of maintaining your home, but DIY disasters can be costly and are probably not covered in your insurance policy. If you are in any doubt about carrying out the above measures, or you want help undertaking a DIY project at home, take a look at our directory, where you will find local, trusted handymen (and women), builders, and more.

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