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Getting Green: Eco-friendly Home Improvements

Getting Green: Eco-friendly Home Improvements

With rising fuel prices as well as sea levels and temperatures, if you aren’t trying to become more eco-friendly already, now is definitely the time to start!

Becoming more eco-friendly means trying to live in a way that minimises your impact on the environment. This is more important than ever as experts warn of the critical state of our planet. We don’t just need to minimise impact: we need to reverse it. Many people think that their impact as a person or family is a drop in the ocean compared to the big companies. While that is true, every ocean is made up of countless drops. And reversing climate change is something that needs to be done by everyone. Here are some eco-friendly home improvements that will help you to be more green.

Renewable energy at home

Whether you are fed up of your high electricity bill or you are passionate about being more green, or both, solar panels are a great place to start if you are committed to a more sustainable lifestyle. Installing solar panels won’t just save you money, it could reduce your carbon usage by a tonne a year. For more information, contact a couple of local solar energy suppliers for a quote.

Review your lighting

Energy efficient light bulbs may seem expensive at first glance, but you need to factor in that they can last more than 10 times as long as standard light bulbs. LED lights also use far less energy than traditional light bulbs, which waste 80% of their energy usage through heat production. Taking these factors into consideration, after the initial outlay, LED bulbs are cost effective AND energy saving. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that switching your traditional bulbs for LED ones could reduce your carbon by up to 50kg a year.

Go green as you clean

Everyone likes a clean home, a shiny floor and a sparkling bathroom and kitchen. However, cleaning products take their toll on the environment. Most of the standard cleaning products in the cupboard under your sink are likely to contain one or more detergent, preservative and foaming agent that is harmful to the environment, and toxic if they enter our ecosystems.

Next time you top up on cleaning products, look for the eco friendly ones that use more natural ingredients. This isn’t just better for the environment, but the risk to humans is reduced, too.

If you are feeling super green, you can make your own cleaning solution using a mix of vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. This efficient cleaner smells lemony fresh, is cheap, and has minimal environmental impact.

Get your boiler serviced

Regardless of the age of your boiler, getting it serviced regularly will go a long way to helping you to reduce your gas bill and hence carbon footprint. If you didn’t manage to get it serviced last autumn, now’s the time to book, while boiler engineers are likely to be less busy.

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