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Gardening Tasks to do in March

Gardening Tasks to do in March

Although recent weather certainly hasn't been Spring-like, March is the first month of Spring and so we can hope to start experiencing warmer temperatures and a little more sunshine soon. If this has you starting to think about venturing into the garden, here are the tasks that are best tackled this month.

Pruning of trees and bushes

While leaves are yet to grow back on most trees, it's a good time to start pruning to shape and encourage top growth, while raising a tree's 'crown'. Use a handsaw to remove lower branches at first, then to remove higher ones an extendable pole saw is a better option than a ladder as it allows you to stay stood safely on the ground. Remove branches up to around half the height of the tree or bush.


As long as the soil of your borders is wet, this is a good time to spread mulch to create a barrier to weeds, provide nutrients and help the soil to stay moist even when the sun shines. Ensure that you've carefully weeded the border first, and then apply a generous amount of your chosen mulch - either bark chippings, leaf mould, compost or manure. Leave an area clear around plant stems.

Clearing slugs

You can use slug pellets to keep slugs and snails at bay, but if you prefer not to use chemicals or would like to save money there are other methods to consider. Vulnerable young plants can be kept in trays above ground level, resting on other plant pots. If you find any slugs you can also put them for birds to feed on - allowing a natural predator to help you deal with the issue!

General tidying

When they begin to look bad, remove the dead heads from daffodils by cutting off the heads and seedpods. Weed borders this month, before things begin to grow more vigorously as temperatures rise. If any plants have been damaged by frost over winter, cut back the affected stems.


Get the ground ready for new planting later in spring by turning over the soil and levelling it out. Re-pot outdoor pots, using a larger pot if needed, and with fresh compost to give the plants a good start. Survey the whole garden and look for areas which you may have overlooked and would like to start to improve or otherwise update.

Most of these tasks aren't too tricky for the average gardener, but if you would like a hand to keep your garden looking great then why not get in touch with a trusted garden maintenance company on TrustATrader.

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