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Gardening Jobs To Do In June

Gardening Jobs To Do In June

With longer days and a rise in temperatures, June is a very rewarding month for most gardeners; pruned pants and newly planted shoots seem to double in size overnight. As tempting as it is to sit in the garden with a chilled drink while you admire your handiwork, it is more important that you stay on top of things in your garden. Here are the top gardening jobs for June – just a few minutes each day before you sit and relax with that drink will make all the difference.

Get Pinching

Pinch off the tips of fuchsias to promote a bushy plant and a healthy crop of flowers. Likewise, pinch off side shoots on your tomato plants. If you don’t want to discard the pinched shoots, you can replant them – but be prepared for a hefty tomato crop!

Pick Away

As soon as you notice your sweet peas flowering, get picking! Not only will they look beautiful on the kitchen table, but picking will help to stimulate more growth. Deadhead roses to encourage new flowers. Start harvesting early lettuce, tomatoes and new potatoes. If you get into a habit of harvesting and re-sowing salad crops, you should be able to maintain a steady supply of delicious home-grown leaves throughout the summer. Finally, keep an eye on your onion and garlic plants – once the leaves turn yellow and start to wilt, they are ready to pick.

Tame Unruly Climbers

Climbers such as vines, honeysuckle and clematis, have a habit of getting out of control very quickly. As new shoots grow, tie them back using soft-tie wrap to help keep them in order. Likewise, tie back or stake out tall perennials to help prevent wind damage.


As we say “hello” to summer, we should finally be past the risk of a night frost. This is a great time to plant out your vegetable seedlings – courgettes, squash and sweet corn should flourish in the warmer weather. If you haven’t planted runner beans yet, there is still time! Don’t worry about sowing indoors, you can sow outside directly into the ground.

Mowing and Weeding

The downside of a flourishing garden is that grass and weeds will grow more quickly, too. A vibrant lawn is fantastic – but you will need to mow it at least once a week to keep it lush. Hoe your borders regularly to keep on top of weeds – when it comes to weeding, little and often is a good idea; a few minutes a day really will help to keep the weeds away!

Are you getting behind on your gardening jobs? If there are some jobs that you just can’t seem to manage, you might want to consider getting a gardener in to help you. Even if it’s just for a regular weed and mow, a professional gardener can get the job done so that you can enjoy the fun bits.

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