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Five Things To Do With Your Spare Room

Five Things To Do With Your Spare Room

As time passes, so does the way in which you use your home. Families grow and shrink and it is necessary for you to adapt accordingly. You may have a spare room that sits largely unused, waiting for the occasional visitor. Or, you may have a room coming free in the near future.

If one (or more) of your children is flitting off to university or into their first home, don’t despair! Focus your emotions on turning their former bedroom into an indulgent space for you.

Here are some ideas that are so enticing that you will start painting before the kids have even packed their bags!

The Reading Room

Are you an avid bookworm with piles of books stashed on shelves around the house? Why not consolidate your love of reading and bring all of your books into one room? Wall to wall bookshelves, a comfy sofa bed and ambient lighting will provide you the perfect room to relax and indulge in myriad literary worlds. If you have guests, simply convert the sofa into a bed and (reluctantly) hand your sanctuary over for a night or two.

The Music Room

Music aficionados love nothing more than to enjoy their favourite tunes, free from the distractions of the outside world. If you play musical instruments, get creative and mount your instruments on the wall. This is a great way to display memorabilia and to celebrate your love of music, without it cluttering up the rest of the house! Add a sofa bed for versatility.

The Office

Whether you work from home or you simply manage your home, a home office can be a great stress-buster. No more sheaves of paper littering your sides and draws; no more disorganised filing; no more distractions. When you need to keep on top of bills and paperwork, you can simply nip to your office and get the job done.

The Gym

Are you always complaining that you can’t find the time, money or inclination to go to the gym? Try turning your spare room into a simple gym, where you can invest a little time into staying physically and mentally fit and healthy. After all, a session on the exercise bike or treadmill goes a lot faster when you are watching your favourite television series or listening to motivational music!

The Hobby Room

Do you or a family member have a hobby that just seems to take over the house? Whether it’s sewing, painting or making models, creating a hobby room can help to contain hobby crafting to one room and dramatically reduce clutter.

The Sleep Room

If your kids have finally flown off to uni, why not turn your spare room into an indulgent day room, where you can relax and just sleep? Goodness knows you deserve it!

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