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Five Gardening Jobs For October

Five Gardening Jobs For October

As autumn arrives, it is time to get your garden ready for winter. We take a look at five jobs you can do in your garden this month.

One Last Mow

Now is the time to mow your lawn properly for the last time before winter. Choose a dry day at the end of October and make sure you do a good job; trim back any borders and hedges, too. During winter, you can keep your garden looking neat by doing a light mow, on a long cut setting (known as topping) but this should be done when your soil is firm. Never mow your lawn during a frost or within 24 hours of a frost.

Sow Hardy Annuals

This is also your last chance to sow hardy annuals. If sown now, wildflowers such as poppies and cornflowers will flower early in the spring, rewarding your labours in the garden with an optimistic bloom of colour to herald the end of winter.

Replant your Containers

If your summer planters and hanging baskets are looking a little sad, replant them with winter plants. Good winter perennials such as dwarf conifers, dwarf hebes and cordylines are great for winter hanging baskets and planters, and help your garden to look lush and green, even on the chilliest winter day.

The Last Harvest

Harvest the last peas and beans. When your pea and bean crop is over, cut the plant away to the ground, but leave the roots in. Don’t be tempted to pull the roots up; as the roots break down in the soil, they will release nitrogen, making your soil more fertile for next year.

Rake It Up

Your final job for October (and into November) is to rake up the leaves in your garden. It can be tempting to leave them but they can look unsightly, can blow around and block drains and gutters, and can cause damage to plants and your lawn by “suffocating” them. A quick rake will help to keep it all neat and healthy!

The only thing that we can’t buy, but so much of us need, is time. However, if you want your garden to look lovely all year around and you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, maybe it is time to consider hiring a gardener. Just a couple of days a month will help to keep your garden tidy and flourishing, leaving you free to enjoy your garden with family and friends.

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