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Finding Trustworthy Traders: Questions To Ask

Finding Trustworthy Traders: Questions To Ask

At Trust A Trader, we are aware that many of our customers are put off doing home improvements because they are unsure of who to trust. Our directory gets you over the first hurdle, by bringing you a choice of rated and reviewed local traders.

Once you have created your shortlist, don’t be afraid to ask questions; a professional trader will expect you to ask, so that you both know what to expect. Here are the questions you should ask before settling on the trader you most trust.

Can I see customer references and recommendations, and a portfolio of work you have done?

If you have found your trader on Trust A Trader, it is likely that you have already seen their reviews. However, it still helps to ask to see additional reviews, as well as “before” and “after” pictures to give you inspiration and to help you to gain a good idea of the standards you can expect.

Can I have a quote in writing?

A quote itself may not be legally binding, but generally speaking, when someone commits information to paper, they are more likely to stick to it. Getting a written quote will give you a good idea of how much each element of your project will cost and it will help you to budget accordingly. It is also a good idea to have a contingency budget and an agreement that, should additional work come up, you will be notified before the work is done, to stop the costs from spiralling.

What can I do to streamline the process, save time or money?

It is unlikely that your traders will want you to be hands-on while they are working (unless you are skilled or friends, it is likely that you will hinder more than you will help!). However, there are things you can do beforehand to prepare the way. Stripping or disposing of plaster and rubbish can save you time and money in the long run. You will probably need to clear the space, lay dust sheets; find out beforehand so you are not wasting your trader’s time (and your money) by doing it while they wait.

How long will it take?

No trader is psychic, and there could be a multitude of complications ahead of you. Of course, you know this, but it is still helpful to find out from the trader how long they are likely to take, assuming that everything goes smoothly.

Whether you are looking for a tradesperson to fit a new boiler or build a brand-new extension, it is important that you trust them completely. By searching on Trust A Trader and asking the right questions, you can find a trader with total peace of mind.

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