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Electric Vehicles Part 2 - Installing a Home Charging Point

Electric Vehicles Part 2 - Installing a Home Charging Point

If you have invested in, or are considering buying, an electric vehicle, then installing a home charging point may be the most sensible next step. Last week, we looked at the different types of home charging points. This week, we answer some common questions about getting a home charging point installed.

How long does it take to install a home charger?

Home chargers require more than a quick installation; there are safety checks to be done and appropriate permissions to be sought. So, it can take 3-6 weeks from beginning to end of the process.

Sounds complicated – is it a stressful process?

Although there are checks that need to be made, this will be done by your charger installer, so for you, it’ll be pretty stress free.

Should I just get the free home charger from my manufacturer?

If you have bought or leased a new EV, you may be offered a free or heavily discounted home charger. If this is the case, you have probably been offered a bundle. Take a close look at the fine print and compare your “free” charger to the cost of buying one outright; sometimes free things can be a false economy.

Where is the best place to put a home charger?

Where you place your charger is down to your own preferences and convenience. Things you may want to consider are:

  • Visibility – do you want your charger to be hidden for both security and aesthetics?
  • Accessibility – the location of the charging point on your EV and how easy it is to access the charger.
  • Safety – long cables hooked up to a car can be a trip hazard, especially to unsuspecting visitors.
  • Connectivity – access to home WiFi is a must for smart chargers.

How much does a home charger cost?

As always, the cost ranges according to the supplier, specification of the charger and how much power you use. On average, a 7kW charger costs around £600-£800 depending on whether you opt for tethered or untethered. 3.6kW are a little cheaper – but take twice as long to charge. Shop around for deals and offers – the price is already subsidised by the government, but with rising competition, there are good offers to find.

How much does it cost to charge my EV at home?

Once installed, the cost of charging is pretty low. This will depend on your tariff and the power of your charger, but prices will range from £5-£10 to fully charge your vehicle overnight. Even if you are on a relatively expensive tariff, running an EV is considerably cheaper than running a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Can anyone get a charging point installed?

If you have space outside your home to park and charge your vehicle, you can get a charging point installed!

If you are considering taking the plunge, check out local home charger specialists near you. For more tips and advice, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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