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Curtains Up: Choosing The Right Blinds

Curtains Up: Choosing The Right Blinds

When it comes to windows, your dressing is both functional and aesthetic, so it is a good idea to spend a little time choosing the best one for you. In this series, we take a look at the types of blinds and how you can go about choosing the right blind for your needs.

Styles of blind

Roman blinds are usually fabric and operated by a pully which pleats them up. They can be formal or informal and the gentle concertina effect can add a relaxed touch to a room.

Venetian blinds – slatted Venetian blinds offer the most versatility; they can be partially opened to provide light and privacy, or completely rolled up for optimal light. Available in a range of wood, plastic and metal, Venetian blinds can really add an accent to a room.

Roller blinds tend to be the cheapest and most convenient and, hence, most common blind, with fabric that rolls on and off a spool. Roller blinds are easy to install and very versatile.

Vertical blinds are a good option for people looking for floor to ceiling coverage. Offering an appearance similar to curtains, they provide additional versatility as, similar to Venetian blinds, they can be partially opened to allow light in while maintaining privacy, or they can be fully opened or closed.

Pleated blinds can be easily fitted to window frames, making them ideal for French doors or in rooms where there is minimal space. Pleated blinds also offer good blackout and thermal insulation, so are great for children’s rooms.

Choosing the right blind

When choosing your blinds you need to first decide what their purpose will be. Do you need blackout qualities? Do they need to fit in with the décor, or are they purely functional? Do they need to be compatible with existing windows, for example Velux windows, conservatories, or existing shutters? Once you know what your main priorities are, you can start the fun bit! Look at different styles and functions and picture how they will complement the room that they will be going in.

For kitchens and bathrooms, roller blinds are usually the best choice. Choose a roller blind with a protective coating to protect them from the high levels of moisture typically found in bathrooms and kitchens. For living rooms, Venetian blinds offer a perfect balance of form and function. They look great, allow a little light in, but also provide a level of privacy without the requirement for additional curtains. Any blind will look great in a bedroom, but if blackout is a priority, pleated or roller blinds are probably the best choice.

If you are spoilt for choice and unable to decide which blinds to choose for your house, don’t despair! Ask a professional blind & shutters specialist to provide you with a consultation; these are usually free and allow you to explore the myriad choices available to you. What’s more, by securing a professional blind fitter to supply and/or fit your blinds, you can ensure that they are done properly.

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