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Choosing A Plumber: 3 Steps To Getting It Right

Choosing A Plumber: 3 Steps To Getting It Right

Are you looking for a plumber? Choosing a plumber should be simple, but it is important that you get the right one for the job. Check out our easy guide to make sure you get the right plumber.

Find a plumber before you need one

Having the contact details for a reliable plumber is a bit like carrying a first-aid kit: you hope you never need it, but it is reassuring to know it is there if disaster strikes. There may be times when you need to find a plumber urgently, and it is easy to make a rash (wrong) choice when you’re under pressure. If you have a leaky tap or need to get your boiler serviced, use this as an opportunity to check out the local plumbers, so that you have someone trusted and familiar to turn to, should the need arise.

Questions to ask

If you are looking for a plumber, there are some simple questions you can ask to make sure you get the right one:

  • How experienced are they?
  • Do they have 24-hour call out?
  • Are they available 365 days a year?
  • Do they work on an hourly rate or a standard job rate?
  • How much do they charge per hour/day?
  • What is their call-out fee?
  • Are they appropriately qualified and insured?
  • Do they have references and case studies for you to see?

Choosing a registered plumber

Plumbing work isn’t as easy as connecting a few pipes; plumbing is a specialist skill and some types of plumbing needs to be undertaken or certified by registered professionals. Gas Safe registered plumbers are able to self-certify any work that they do with gas, including installing, repairing and servicing boilers. Likewise, HETAS certified plumbers can install solid fuel burners and biomass systems. Before you hire a plumber, check that they are appropriately registered. If they’re not, it’s not necessarily a problem, as long as the plumber can recommend an appropriately qualified professional to certify the work and give you a compliance certificate when the work is completed. This may cost you extra (usually around £50-£100), so factor that in when you get quotes.

All of the traders on Trust A Trader are checked by us, so you know that they are appropriately insured and qualified. If they are able to self-certify their work, you will be able to see on their profile who they are registered with. You can also read independent reviews from other customers, so you can get a good idea of the standards of service on offer. What’s more, in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the work, Trust A Trader will work with you and the trader, mediating to find a satisfactory resolution; substandard traders are blacklisted, which is why you won’t find any poorly rated traders on our site.

By asking the relevant questions and choosing trusted online directories, you can find a local plumber with complete peace of mind.

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