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Choosing a Gas Safe Engineer – What You Need to Know

Choosing a Gas Safe Engineer – What You Need to Know

It’s the time of year when our boilers are working hardest, so it makes sense that it is also the time of year that they are most likely to break down. If your boiler breaks down, you will want to find a boiler specialist – fast. It is critical that you find an engineer that you can trust, and who is gas safe. Here’s what you need to know about getting the right gas safe engineer to do the job.

So, what is the Gas Safe Register?

With so many different registers and accreditations, it can be confusing to tell the difference between certificates that show good practice and certification that is compulsory. Gas Safe Registration is compulsory, which means that all works have to be signed off by a registered engineer before they can be deemed as safe. Formerly known as CORGI, the Gas Safe Register is the official body for gas registration in the UK, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. It is a legal requirement for all gas engineers to be listed on the Gas Safe Register, which runs on behalf of the health and safety authority for each relevant area – Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. As well as being a central register for approved gas engineers, it investigates potential illegal and unsafe gas work.

Does Gas Safe registration mean an engineer can do any work?

Not all Gas Safe engineers are permitted to carry out all gas works. Some engineers can carry out the minimum work: “Pipework” while others are qualified to undertake a range of different gas works. The work that an engineer is permitted to do will be on the back of their Gas Safe ID card. If in doubt, you can enter the engineer’s unique licence number into the register’s engineer checking service to see what they are able to undertake safely.

What kind of work will a Gas Safe registered engineer do?

Most work involving gas must be done by a gas safe engineer. This includes any work with heating appliances that use natural or LPG gas, installing, repairing or servicing a gas boiler, gas fire, gas cooker or gas hob.

How do I know that an engineer is gas safe?

Finding a gas safe registered engineer is easy on Trust A Trader as we vet all of our applicants before they can be added to our register. This means that every gas engineer listed in our directory is appropriately insured, qualified and, of course, Gas Safe Registered. When your engineer arrives at your home, ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID. If your gas work is part of a bigger project, for example an extension, renovation or new kitchen, confirm with your builder or project manager that they will be using a gas safe engineer.

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