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Bathroom Redesigns On A Budget

Bathroom Redesigns On A Budget

It’s a fact that bathrooms can sell houses. However, bathroom transformations can also be eye-wateringly expensive. If you don’t have a huge budget, but you do have a creative eye and a little time to invest, there are some things that you can do which will transform your bathroom. Last week, we focused on keeping what you can, upcycling items and copying styles that you love to turn your bathroom from a pit of despair to a relaxing sanctuary. This week we look at other tips and secrets of bathroom designers and interior specialists, to make your bathroom look a million dollars, without the price tag.

Go simple – and accessorise

Those beautiful Grecian tiles that you have fallen in love with might look great, but they will probably blow your budget in a second. Whether you are after a Mediterranean, Art deco or Victorian vibe, don’t splash out on costly tiles, which will take time and money to fit; go simple and accessorise. A stained glass light shade and mirror will add the perfect Art deco splash to your bathroom; a mosaic framed mirror and cerulean blue accessories will bring the Med into your home; candelabras and free standing towel rails will add a splash of Victorian chic. The best bit? Changing your look is easy – just switch towels and accessories and your bathroom will be transformed (again).

See yourself in a new light

You probably look at yourself in your bathroom mirror more than any mirror in your home. And yet, bathroom lighting is usually overlooked. Changing your lighting – adding spots around a mirror, or upgrading your lampshade can lighten up the room (literally) and add wow factor. This is your chance to make a bold statement – coloured filament bulbs, gold filigree or stunning stained glass will make your bathroom look loved.

Simple storage

One of the best ways to make your bathroom look clean and stylish is to undertake a complete de-clutter. Throw away toiletries and products that are almost empty or which you never use. Invest in storage solutions – if everything has a place and can be neatly tucked away, it will instantly make your bathroom feel less chaotic and cluttered. This will add a sense of peace and space, and your eye will be drawn to finishing touches – a nice mirror, matching towels or feature light, instead of 10 years’ worth of half-used make-up, shampoo and melted soaps.

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