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Bathroom Budget Breakdown

Bathroom Budget Breakdown

If you are planning on fitting a new bathroom, it is important to consider what you want, and your budget first and foremost. Like many home improvement projects, it doesn’t take much for the costs to spiral out of control, particularly when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens.

Last week we went over the average cost of installing a new bathroom; this week we will go into a little more detail and break down how much each element is likely to cost you.

Shower installation

The cost of shower installation will very much depend on the plumbing that you are working with, and your tastes. A mixer shower can be easily fitted to your bath or can be installed in a shower enclosure. By choosing valves with built-in thermostats you will avoid the blast of freezing (or boiling) water when someone else in the house uses the water. Mixer shower installation: £150-£250

Electric showers are a cheap, easy choice – you might not get the same power as mixer ones, but some higher end showers offer great water pressure – and unlimited hot water. Electric shower installation: £250-£500

And the shower enclosure

Once again, the cost of your shower enclosure comes down to the size and shape restrictions and price. Your main considerations are the door: hinged, bi-fold, sliding, curved – there are plenty of styles to choose from; and the thickness of the glass that you choose. The more modern the style and the thicker the glass, the more expensive your enclosure will be. Add the shower tray, which comes in an array of styles and materials – acrylic can be cut to shape, is light and easy to install, which can be a bonus if you are working with a tight or irregular space. Shower enclosure: £400 - £950

New bath

Steel baths can be cumbersome and hard to install. Fibreglass or fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), while cheap, can bend. Acrylic is lighter than steel but tougher than FRP, so inevitably costs more. Choose from regular size and shape to roll-top, corner or L-shaped baths – the more “fancy” the shape, the bigger the price tag. New bath: £150-£750

Bathroom sink

A basic bathroom basin can come in pretty cheap, but if you want a whole new vanity unit, fitted, the price will leap. Choose from ceramic, porcelain or marble which increase in price as they increase in durability. The cost of fitting your new sink will also depend on whether the plumber will have to adapt the existing plumbing. New bathroom sink: £80-£320

And the tap

The cost of your tap will depend on the style and whether your tap is wall mounted or attached to the sink. New tap: £50-£120


The cost of a basic toilet is around £50, but if you want something a little more stylish, the price will rise. The cost of installing a toilet will depend on the existing plumbing – the more work your bathroom installer will have to do, the more it will cost. New toilet: £100-£350

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