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60-Minute Makeovers to Transform Your Kitchen

60-Minute Makeovers to Transform Your Kitchen

It’s fair to say that most of us have spent a lot more time in the kitchen over the last few months, which means more time to notice the tired décor or the grubby cupboards. If familiarity with your kitchen has resulted in contempt, but you don’t currently have the budget to splash out on a full kitchen redesign, here are some tips to help you upgrade your space in an hour (or maybe two).

Cupboard love

Dingey cupboards can really bring a kitchen down. And yet they are so easy to change. A splash of paint – choose gloss, chalk paint or wood stain depending on your budget and the finish that you want - and a few new handles, and your old but serviceable cupboards will be given a whole new lease of life.

If you like a more open vibe (and you are good at keeping your shelves tidy!) you could consider removing a couple of doors entirely. Take the doors (and hinges off and paint the inside a contrast or coordinating colour to the rest of the room. Baskets are on trend and can help you to keep the shelves looking pristine. You can even add adhesive tiling at the back of the cupboards for extra finesse.

A lick of paint

If your kitchen walls and ceilings carry the battle scars of many a meal cooked, steamed, boiled (and burnt!), a quick lick of paint could be all that you need to revamp the space. Remember that cooking produces steam and grease. This means that it is important for you to thoroughly wash down all of the walls and ceilings before you start, to get rid of any residue. It is also a good idea to invest in specific kitchen paint, which is more resistant to stains and moisture.

Curtains up

Fabric accents are easy to switch around but can make a huge difference. If you have open shelving that you want to conceal, curtains can hide a multitude of sins whilst adding a whimsical, farmhouse kitchen feel. Use any offcuts to make mats or pot holders to bring it all together.

Pimp your flooring

There are few things more depressing than a grubby, sticky, stained kitchen floor. Of course, the ideal is to get a professional floorer to install new, beautiful, high-end flooring, but if that is beyond your budget, there are some seriously good looking, low cost alternatives around. In fact, the low-cost flooring game has been upped to an extent that it can be hard to tell the difference between lino or LVT and the real thing. So if you want a floor that looks like it cost thousands, but which only cost hundreds, shop around for a range of options. A good option is to buy cheaper flooring but get it professionally fitted by a flooring specialist – that perfect finish will make your kitchen look a million dollars.

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